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Hawk's Return Flight Part 1
Hawk's Return Flight  Part 1
As Hawk is still a fairly new member of Fairy Tail I am letting people know a bit more about him, in hopes of making bonds that can stand the test of time with the other mages of the guild. So this is a story about his past and the journey he took to be a member of Fairy Tail. Hawk wouldn't tell this to anyone unless he was extremely close to them, so he is still known as Hawk to everyone.
Hawk was born into a family in the mild winds of October where the father was a blacksmith, and the mother specialized in healing salves. The village Hawk lived in was located around the foot of inactive Volcano where the rich soil gave them the means to grow all they needed to keep the village healthy and alive. In his early years Hawk would often run about the nearby fields playing with some of the other kids in the village, there were only a few kids in the village at any given time due to the size of it, there were only 15-20 huts
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Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasure
After the sandcastle contest and getting told his prize
Hawk decided to relax a little, taking in some of the sun and letting his feet get wet from the ocean waves. He decided it was time to get some sleep now as the sun had set, the air started to have a slight chill about it so he went to the place away from the beach where he stayed the day before. The fire pit was still untouched from when he left, so Hawk gathered whatever burnable items he could from nearby.
He placed all the items onto the ashy pit and knowing he wouldn't have long before the cold got to him he decided to create this fire with magic. He opened his bag to find a small metal box it was plain in design but it was what was inside he wanted. Going over to the fire Hawk opened the box and inside a tiny flame was burning- this was a magical flame in that it would always burn but once used on items so many times it would extinguish itself, it never burned through the box due
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Mature content
Sandcastles, Kings and Other Things :iconphoenix-xlr8r:Phoenix-xlr8r 2 9
Mature content
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Fire Jobby by Phoenix-xlr8r Fire Jobby :iconphoenix-xlr8r:Phoenix-xlr8r 2 6
Hiya everyone, you can all call me Hawk, I know I'm joining the guild a bit late at the age of 25 but there's still some things even I need to learn. So what better place to do it than the famed guild of Fairy Tail!! Oh by the way Hawk isn't my real name but it's not something I divulge except to the people I hold very close to my heart, this is because where I grew up we in the village believed that knowing the true name of things it can give you the power over it including people, so I keep my true name hidden.
I specialize in Illusion magic, and through this I earned the nickname 'Night Hawk' in the village where I grew up, mainly because my magic seems more real at night and I had fun scaring the wits of some of the villagers, but I suppose it was because of that I very rarely had friends or even company. My magic in battle is used to confuse my opponents senses making them see what isn't there, hearing things whilst nothing'
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